About MGM Khadi


MGM Khadi’s vision is to promote fashion that is natural and Eco-friendly. It aims at generating employment for the artisans and weavers of this traditional art. Our clothes are made from hand-spun, hand woven cotton i.e. KHADI. Khadi is of special significance to Indians. Mahatma Gandhi elevated the fragile thread of cotton to a symbol of strength and self-sufficiency to provide employment for the millions during India’s freedom struggle.


But in today’s race of industrialization Khadi has lost its identity. Everyone takes pride in buying expensive branded clothing and are reluctant to buy our own national fabric. Every garment produced at MGM Khadi generates employment for six skilled workers right from someone who grows cotton, to someone who spins, weaves, dyes, prints and stitches the final garment.


Man is a very important component of the ecosystem and thus has a huge environmental responsibility  We at MGM Khadi understand that and work towards fulfilling the same. All surface treatments done on khadi products whether it is dying or printing is strictly done using organic colors extracted from vegetables, fruits, roots, seeds etc. Even the spinning process and other machinery at MGM Khadi is run on the conventional solar energy.
MGM Khadi aim at revamping Khadi fabric to meet the aesthetic needs of today’s fashion. Constant research and experimentation is done to produce modern and sustainable khadi. Handmade khadi clothing is made out of high quality materials, with a higher level of personal attention and quality control from the designer. It is made to last for years.


We have done our bit to promote Eco-friendly fashion now its your turn.
Because YOU matter, Your choices matter,
You are powerful, without you nothing changes,
Together we can make an impact.

So let’s wear the change, think natural, wear natural.